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“Dream Bigger” Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, told us.  


Picto Films is a script-to-screen production company. In January 2012, it didn't exist. Seven years later, there are over twenty projects in its portfolio, ranging from short films and music videos to TV pilots, web projects, documentaries and features. Picto projects have generated hundreds of industry credits for creatives in a wide range of capacities; actors, writers, videographers, editors.


Picto's feature film, STRANGER, attracted the interest of former Head of Acquisitions for Newmarket Films, John Crye, who attached as a producer. Crye was instrumental in the release of Christopher Nolan's indie classic, MEMENTO, as well as other Newmarket releases such as DONNIE DARKO and Mel Gibson's, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.


Picto's debut, THE NOTE, received multiple film festival laurels and several awards and nominations. It also earned a Hollywood screening at the American Independent Film Festival (November 1, 2012). Picto's TV series pilot, QUEST, won a 2013 Hollywood Screenplay Award before a single shot had been filmed (Best Television Drama).


When I founded Picto, I declared we would make a film that would be shown in Hollywood within twelve months and asked, “who’s with me?” We achieved our lofty goal when The Note screened in Hollywood ten months later and this will forever be a pivotal moment in Picto's history. It also serves as a testament to what dreaming and hard work can achieve together.


As Picto looks towards the future, focusing on bigger and more elaborate projects, it will remain true to itself in being a tour-de-force of script-to-screen creativity, and a home for anyone who can “dream bigger.”


Shaun Peter Cunningham

Founder and Creative Director, Picto Films.


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PICTO FILMS - The Story So Far

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